A good fishing trip

A good fishing trip
A good fishing trip

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It has been a while sense I have writen sorry to all the read this. It is the day after obama got re-elected. I have nothing to say about that. I'm a type of person that think the government need to get out of everything they are in. The only thing they should be in is what the service people do and the law enforcers. And the only thing the law enforcers should do is enforce the law that people put into place not the government or government parties. Anyways that is my spill about the government. Life has been really busy. I am loving work. It is a little stressful getting everything done but it is what it is. That is about all I have to say. THE QUESTION FOR THIS UPDATE IS: what do you think about the election and what do you think the government should have a hand in with the people?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I writing today because I wanted to. Hello to all. I hope it is going well. I don't really have anything to say. I have been wondering when life might slow down. I hope it will sometime. I should stop hoping for that because everyone tells me it gets faster as you get older. Does anyone out there that can tell me different. Maybe this is just a lost cause. but I'm hoping still. So my question is to my readers is does life speed up as you get older, and if so what do you do to help yourself get stuff done?

Friday, October 19, 2012


Hi it has been 8 days sense I have writen on my blog. I could come on here and say all the reasons why I have not writen on here. Like I'm busy at work which is true. But that is making up reason of being lazy in writing on here. I would like to say I would be better from here on, But that would probably be a lie. There is only one thing I don't want to do is make a promise an not keep it. So I will not make that as a promise. I will make one promise tho. I will promise that I well write as often as I can. I have had lot on my mind lately. and none of it is something that should be making lose focus but has been. I would like to ask my facebook friends and bloggers of utah page on facebook is; have any of you guys had this problem? If any of you guys have had this problem what did you do to get over it?

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ok it has been a long time. Life has been really busy lately. Which is good and bad. the good part of it is that I'm getting things done some what. The bad thing is I can get worn out. Which I don't think is good. But I have heard some people think it is. Let me know what you all think? The main reason I decide to write today is can a day be long and good? I was wondering this last night. My day was not long or good. It was short and I only got a few things done. I like to get a lot of things at work done but yesturday day was not really one of those. I sent a lot of stuff out, but I don't feel I got as much stuff done as I usually do. So there you have another day of what is on my mind.

Monday, September 24, 2012


So it has been a long time sense I have writen on my blog. I have a good reason this time. I went hunting for antelope. I got one. It was a great time. I'm happy I have the rights to go hunting. I'm getting the meat butchered so I have eat it. I'm a person that only kills big game animal if I'm going to eat it.
I know that people have different option on this which is fine. I'm going to ask that the option you have on hunting is not posted good or bad. The reason why is because this blog is not made for that. I have this blog so I can write what is on my mind. I hope people feel free to comment on my posting if they are friendly and positive. I also ran in the dirty dash. I would like to ask if any of my readers have ran the dirty dash? I have found that the shoes I wear was clearly the wrong shoes. They kept falling off from the mud. So that is one thing I'm going to change if I run it again. I also got a side ache. I have found that runners can get side aches from eating and drinking before the run. The research I did also said if you don't eat before the run you still can get a side ache. So my questions to the runners out there have you all found a way not to get a side ache when you run? I need to know because I'm still a new runner in my mind and I would like to know some serects people have found in running. If anyone has any advice with this PLEASE let me know. That is about all that has been going on with me.

Friday, September 14, 2012


So it has been grately busy in my life. It seems like every time I turn around there is something I have to do or get to do. What ever make things look better. I find myself thinking it is easy to do all of the stuff in your life if you look at it different like. Take chores for example are they something you have to do? Or is something you get to do? I have a challange for the people that read this. The next chore you have to do tell yourself and bleieve that it is something you get to do. And the chore after that is something you have to do. See if it makes a difference in what you are doing. I remember growing up we would do service project the funnest ones is when I looked at them as something I got to do. And the ones I had to do was not fun at all. Last night I went to the bringham city temple open house. It was great to see it. If you have not gone go. The reason why is because it is different on the inside then any other one. I'm not going to tell you what it is because I want you to go see it. The open houses are open for anyone not just members of the church. After the open house then that is a different story. I will not get into that tho.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have been really busy that is why I missed yesturdays blogging. I would like to say yesturday was really different for me. It might have been because it was 9/11 I don't know. It was not bad or good. I have found out that work is been busy for me and I have not really realized that time has been going really fast. My question on this log on my blog is how was everyone's day yesturday? If it was really different like my let me know about it. I also have a little cold. I think that could be play in my different day yesturday.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Life has been really busy. It has been a couple days sense I have writen. I have been doing a lot of stuff and work. I have been learning a lot there. I have been doing a lot of stuff I have not normally been doing. It is good for me to learn new stuff. The thing that has been good is my mind is staying force on the tasks I have been doing. I finely just finish one of many project I have on my plate. I have recently found out when I get throughen into stuff I learn the most. I think it is because I can step back and look at it and see what is going on. I didn't know I was that type of person but I am. I sometimes need to talk to someone to step back but I think a lot of people are that way. The question I have for everyone that looks at this blog is, what is the best time you learn things? Is it when you have to or when you read something? or is it just hands on?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Number one thing I want to say is. It is crazy that it is Sept. already. I have been doing a lot of overtime at work. I think that is making life go by. I was trying to remember when the last time I had a slow day. It was about 4 to 6 months ago. But it is alright I not sure which one is worst having a slow day or to fast of a day. I would like to ask the people that read this to tell me your oppinion, Is time flighting by worst or is time going to slow worst? The next thing is I went to capitol reef national park this weekend. We found it well not as good as the other national parks. That one seems to have a lot of history in it. So if you like that then it is a great place to go. But for me I find that going on hikes and seeing different land formantions. I mean we saw some cooling things. But we just like other national parks better. The questions I have with this one is where is your favorite national park and why is it?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It has been sense monday I have writen on here. I know that is been only a little while sense I have writen. So I don't really have much to say beside hi to all that look and follow this page. Work has been good. I have only been up to working so not much to say. The question I'm going to ask is: When you having a hard time how is some of the way you guys over come it? I have someone in my life that is going through a hard time and I was wondering how you guys or girls do it.

Monday, August 20, 2012


This weekend I had a good weekend. I went to a family reunion. It was good. To see all of my relatives. I saw some I have never seen and some I have not seen in along time. It was a good time for me and my family. I am still really busy at work. So that part of my life is good also. I would like to ask how many people out have a good time at family reunions, and how many of you have a hard time seeing their family sometimes?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So it has been awhile sense I have writen on here. I'm doing well. Work is going good. I have been busy. I was able to hang out with my niece this weekend. I love hang out with them. They are some much hang out with me. They beat me up. I think that is what they like the most. They also talk to me a lot and that we fun to hear what they had to say. There was a show that was on kids say the darndest things. I don't know if it is on. But it is true. My nieces say the darndest things sometimes. But if you don't get offend easly it is the funest thing. The question I have is is that show still on? I know I could google it but I don't want to. I want to know if anyone still watches it?

Monday, August 6, 2012


Just had my ten year class reunion this weekend from the school I went to until the later half of my senior year. It was good to see everyone that was there. I enjoyed myself. I don't know if the high I finished at is having one or already had one. I was never invited to it. This 10 year class reunion was the place I grow up at. So I'm so glad they invited me to go to that one. I didn't know if anyone would remember me but they mostly did or pretend really well. I remember most all. But there was one I talked to at first I didn't remember him and later on I did remeber who he was. I told him that also. I would like to ask if anyone have every done that at a class reunion or run into someone and you knew you know them, but you just don't remember who it is?

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hi to all those people that look at my blog and not follow. Its ok that you don't follow it. I understand why you don't. Everyone just has to many things they have to look at on the internet. Things like pinterest, facebook, google+, twiter, myspace, and other peoples blogs. I have found that everyone is just around computers to much these days. I was outside last night pulling weeds in my yard and all I was thinking about is my internet is down at home and I want to get on it. I didn't have anything special to get on the internet for I just wanted to. I would like to ask everyone if they have ever found themselves in this situation? I did pull weeds for about a half an hour. It was good for me.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hi everyone. Sorry it has been awhile. It past weekend I went to mesa verde and the arches. Mesa verde is a crazy fun place and I only saw like 1/3rd of the place. It would be a place I would go again. For those who don't know what mesa verde is go and see it. There is only one warning. That is if you are afraid of highest there is some place you might have a hard time with. It is safe tho. Then we went to the arches. I would have to say that was fun and cool. But if I were to go back there I would want to do more hikes. The only warning I have for that one is pretty much the same. But only for one arch it is the delicate arch. The thing we have found out is that there is two ways to hike to in. I was lucky I went up the easier way and some parts was still on a cliff side that dropped pretty far. That was all fun tho. My question for everyone that looks at this is. Is there a place you guys and girls would suggest me to go to that is really fun? I have been to zions, bryce, tetons, yellow stone, arches, and mesa verde.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


It has only been a little bet sense I writen on here. I have been doing well. Work in going ok. I continue to learn at work which is always a good thing. I have been trying to think of what to say and I honest don't know what to write. Life is been really kind of good and bad. This week has gone by slowly which is ok. I have been getting a lot done I think. I would like to ask how your guys week have been going?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It has been a busy time. I like it when it is busy. So I get it has been a good time then. I really don't have much to say. I have only one thing. I really enjoy where I am at. So about a year ago I went in and had a sleep test done on me. I found out I stop breathing in my sleep about 72 time a hour. I had a surgery and exercised and eat different lost weight and from the surgery I drop down to 13 times stop breathing. I lost a sleep apen or cpap machine. Which I'm greatful for. I have to keep losing weight and so I will never have to us a cpap machine again. My question for the people that read my blog is that have you had something like this happen to you in the past? If so what was it and how did you over come it. Not very many people follow my blog right now so not many people will see it if you post it.

Monday, July 9, 2012


It was a good weekend. I went to seven peaks in provo. The thing I have found out over time is that seven peaks is the best water park I have ever been to in utah. The one in salt lake I hope sense seven peak bought that water park they will make it better. I went to the one in salt lake a couple weeks ago and I was very disappointed. It only has a few water slides and I'm not happy with it. But the one Provo I love to go to. I only got a little sunburn on my shoulders. I wish I didn't get the sunburn but I did. I'm glad it was only my shoulders. How was everyones weekend?

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have had somebad luck lately. Yesterday I wake up and went and help set up for a breaksfast activity. When I was helping pull a camping stove out of a back of the truck and it turn on me and the man that was helping me put it out of the truck. When it turned it went to the grown and landed on my anckle area. It took off a bit of my skin. The man that I was helping went down with the stove but he was ok that I know of. So that is how my crazy day started. Then we went for a bike ride on bonnieville bike trail. We went back to the car and put the bikes on the rack then I remember I needed to get something out of the trunk. So I went to shut the trunk and the bike were hard to get out of the way of. So I drop the trunk a little ways and the bike rack straps broke. We had to figure out how to put two adult bikes in my car and it was not to easy. Then I get home and unloaded the bikes and went to go put my bike away and I stepped on a nail. It goes into my foot. I'm realizing I'm having one of those days. Then later I was drinking a soda and I feel it going down the wrong tube in my throat. So I'm in the car. So I trying to get down the rest of whats in my throat and just then I feel me start to cough and I feel the soda go up my nose. I'm realizing I'm going to spread this soda all over. So I'm trying to do it slowly so it doesn't go all over the place. Then it start to come out and I'm getting it on me and the car door. I was lucky the car door in all plastic. So I was able to clean it all off. But the soda that landed on my pants you could tell it went though my nose. It was not good. I wanted to just go in my place and wrape a bubble around me and stay there. Then my nieghbors where doing fireworks and invited me to go out there. I went out there but with the day I was having I just watched. I didn't even do sparklers because I was afraid I would light something on fire with the day I was having. So that was my day. Leave a comment if you have ever had a day like this.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It has been a while sense I have writen on here I know I'm sorry. Life is just getting away from me. I have been staying busy that is why. I know but I don't like it most days that my life gets away from me. Today I have been doing research on somethings. I want to get more follows to my blog. So I'm researching that. I want to learn how to get something like a blog out there to people to be successful. The reason why is if I want to start a blog that can make money down the line in my life. It might be a good idea to learn. So I can get a few followers to a blog like this one. If anyone have any tips please make a comment on this. Some people say make a comment on other blogs and make a link to your blog. I did that for about 2 months and nothing really happen.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


So it is a long time sense I have writen anything on this. So here I going. I just got back from boston. I went to boston for a de-install a camera. It was a good experance. I lefted on Sunday and came back on Wednesday. I went out there for work. It went will. I expected everything to go wrong on it and only two thing went wrong. So in my mind it wasn't all that bad. Boston seems like a cool place to live.

Monday, June 4, 2012


This weekend was a blur. I really have been trying to find out what I did. I know I stayed busy. I saw my father and that was good to see him. That was on friday. Saturday I do know that I weeded the yard. But that was only for 2 hours. Sunday I watched a movie called the woman in black. That was a 2 hours I guess, and I don't know if I'm still not scared easly because I found that movie not all that scary. I actually started to fall asleep twice. It was a pretty good movie it was just slow at some parts. I have also found that scary movies needs to stay active for me to like it. Or at least keep me on my toes. If anyone else thinks this let me know. I want to know your guys opinon. Or just tell me I'm off my rocker that is fine to.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So life is going to good. Work is busy. I has been crazy busy at work which is good. It was great this weekend. I went to the Tetons in Jackson or Jackson Hole Wyoming. I have a question to my follows. Is it Jackson Wyoming or is it Jackson Hole? I was there this weekend and every where it said Jackson Wyoming and also Jackson Hole. But the town square it shows Jackson Hole Wyoming. So I'm a little confused on that one. But I did have a good time there. I went you on Saturday morning and it was great weather. The people I went with and I could see the Tetons very well. Sunday it snowed about 9 hours of the day. So it was wet but we hiked up to the hidden falls. That hike was supposed to be 2.5 miles one way. But sense it was snowing we could not see some of the signs unless there is not much signs out on this trail. So at the end of this trail there were too way we could go. I asked everyone which on they wanted to take. Most of the wanted to go right not left. So we went right and we were walking up the mountain and we decided that we were probably going the wrong way or we pass it without knowing it. We pass some small falls and we were not sure if it was it or not. So we head back to that other way and decided to walk up that one and see if it was up that one. And it ended up being on that just like 10 feet in. So we walked the wrong way for about 10 minutes out of the way in the snow. But I look at it like this we all had fun and we all decided to take the wrong way so it is all good. So that hike we ended up getting pretty wet and on the chilly side. We ate lunch and went to yellow stone for a little bet. Went back to the Teton and tried to get a picture of the Mormon row barn that has the Teton Mountains in the back ground. We found the barn but sense it was snowy and cloudy we could not see the Tetons. So we went back into town of Jackson and walked around the shops. Then on Monday we went to some other places in the Teton Mountain area and did a little more hiking. But be for we made it to the hiking place we saw a young grizzly bear which is always cool to see. So we watch the bear for a while. Then we went hiking and had some fun that day is rained on and off that day. Then we went to Jackson village and some of the people I went with rode up the tram cart to the top of a mountain. I don’t know what mountain it was but it went up to 10,528 feet. I walked around the six buildings that were there with one of the other people I went with. The reason I didn’t go is because I don’t like heights. Then we went back to Jackson Hole or Jackson and ate dinner and walked around the shops some more then went back to the motel. Then on Tuesday it was sunny. So we went back to the Mormon row barn and took the picture of the barn and Teton Mountains in back of the barn because we could see them finely. Then we went to the Teton lodge because we were told there is moose there all the time one of the people I was there have never seen a moose out in the wild and she wanted to. So we went there and spend hour and half there and only elk. Then we came back home. Over all we all had a good time and had fun. Now I’m back at work working hard.

Monday, April 23, 2012


So this weekend was pretty good. I went to my twin niece and nephew's birthday party. That was a great time. My niece's the twins older sisters had me go and play with them. I like how they allow me to play with them and have all sorts of fun. They make up the games we play and what it seems like we always end up doing is they run around and I run after them. Or I get the grab them and pretend to knock them down. But I really just set them down. They scream and laugh. We just have a lot of fun. It is funny because it take about 5 mins. of me being there until they asking me if I will go down stairs or outside and play. When we go outside they always want me to watch them go down there slide or push them on their swing set. That is fun to but I would rather go down stairs and pick them up and set them on the ground as they scream and laugh. I think because I get to waste some energy also.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Well it like always been a while sense I have writen on this. Life is doing good. Work is been going great. I have always been busy at work. My dad just had me help him buy a Ipad that was a different but ok experance. The rest of the weekend I was answering all of my dads question he had. It was all good and some of them was fun to finding out how to answer them. There was some I didn't know how to answer. Like how do you take a station off pandora after you have already created it? I still don't know how to. I forgot to look it up on how to do it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm going to go to work for day 2. Yesturday was a pretty good day. I went to work for the first time after my surgery. It went better then I thought. The things that I heard was you lost some weight. They could see it in my face and neck I guess. The other thing I heard was why are you here. I like the talk about me losing weight. Who doesn't. But the whole thing why are you here? That one was a little unspected. Its ok don't get me wrong. But it is just weird. But I weighted myself this morning and I have lost 13 pounds. That is good. But it is not the best way to lose weight being force to be on a liquid diet. I'm slowly getting to eat solid foods. I need to keep my in take of the food to low amounts. Because that is my problem I eat a lot of food. I can not work out for another 8 days. That is killing me probably more then being on a liquid diet. I love to work out. That is why I wake up 2 and a half hours before I have to be at work. Well this is a longer entry then planned. I hope the readers I have enjoyed my mind this morning. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012


So I'm back home from my surgery. It went well I guess. I'm in a little bet of pain not bad. I'm mostly just a little dizzy. I kept hearing about how horrible this surgery is but so far I have been lucky because I'm eating ok and its not all that bad. It does hurt to swallow but its not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Happy saint Patricks day tomorrow.

Monday, March 12, 2012


So a week down for 4/10 and it was crazy, but good. This friday I only had a hour for myself. Went down to see my family in castle dale. I have a two week old new niece. She was born at 4 lbs 12 oz. She is really small. But she is cute. I also saw my little sisters kids. I have never been able to play with my little sisters boy, because will he is kind of a mommys boy. But he let me tease him this weekend and I had a lot of fun. It came to a end of play when his sister kept hitting him in the face with a hola hop. I went to tick his neck with my mouth and I saw that he had a bloody nose. So that came to a end real fast. I think his sister was jealous of me and him having so much fun. Then came home a first working on tasks I have around the house I wasn't able to get to over the weekend. I still have a lot to do. So I get to work on that when I have time. Which I don't really have any. It will work out some how tho.

Monday, March 5, 2012


At work we are starting 4/10 and trying it out for two weeks. We are trying it out to see if it will work. I'm really excited for that. I really enjoy 4/10 more then 5/8s. I hope it works out for us to move to 4/10s. The only problem is golds gym doesn't open until 5 on Monday morning. So I have to work out at home on Mondays. But is the over all look at life that is ok. I would still like staying on 4/10 and just do a double work out on friday and still have fridays off. This weekend was great I just did a little bet of cleaning and laundry and that went well. So that is about it for now.

Monday, February 27, 2012


So it has been a long time sense I have writen on this. I'm sorry to not post something on here for a while. So this weekend my brother had a little girl. When I say little she was 4 lb 12 oz. And as I understand that is small. But I am a guy that doesn't not have kids for myself, and I don't have much knowledge with kids. So I didn't know that that was small. But that is just the way I am. My little brother moved back this weekend. So it was a pretty good weekend. I also saw my other niece and nephew at a place called fat cats. This was the first time going to fat cats. Fat cats seems like a fun place to go. I had fun. My brother little girl is starting to talk very will. She had started to say puppy. It is so cute.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


So life today is going a little better. This whole week as been crazy. But for me it is getting better. Not that Monday Tuesday and Wednesday was bad. I just felt overwhelmed those days. I'm start to see a little bet if the light. So I'm guess something will be piled on me it a couple of days. This will happen ether at work or at home. That is just the way my life goes. I think I might like it tho.

Monday, January 30, 2012


I am at the end of Jan. and I have been doing good. I have, like always I felt it has been going way to fast. It never seems to slow down. People tell me that is because you are doing good stuff. If you were not keeping yourself busy time would go slow. But I have found I don't know how to not be busy.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So I was listing to the radio today and the normal station I listen to was on advertizments. Which I don't care for personally. So I turn it to x96 and the morning people was talking about this religious letter to the government. Which is at this website http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/marriage-and-family/marriage/promotion-and-defense-of-marriage/upload/Marriage-and-Religious-Freedom-Letter-Jan-12-2012-4.pdf. And the people that were talking on the station was disagreeing with it. They were saying allowing same sex marriage doesn't allow this. But the problem in my eyes with the people on the radio station is they don't realize when the government controls something like that they take things to far. Which that has shown in the past or history what ever you want to call it. When people or a group of people gain to much power they take it to far. If you don't know what I'm talking about. We just had a holiday about religious rights. Matrin lurther king Jr. would not had stood up for this. I know there is more to what he did but he wanted the government to not get invote in religion and control it.